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The Cape Breton Sport Heritage Committee was formed in 1997 to recognize athletic excellence on Cape Breton Island and to promote a strong history through the preservation of sport heritage.  The committee main focus is two-fold, it serves to award Cape Breton’s top athletes, team, coach, official and builder each year, as well as to induct new members into the Cape Breton Sport Hall of Fame. Both the awards dinner and the hall of fame were created based on the initiative and mission of this committee.  Another goal of the committee is to establish a permanent location to house the Cape Breton Sport Hall of Fame, again adding to the preservation of sport heritage in Cape Breton.  The committee is a self-sufficient, non-profit organization. Therefore, each year a major portion of the committee’s operating budget is solicited through sponsorship from local businesses.

Since 1997, close to 200 inductions to the Cape Breton Sport Hall of Fame have taken place - in the categories of Athletes, Teams and Builders. 


The Allan Joseph Award


Awarded Annually - For Dedication and Community Service

Allan Joseph was a highly respected and tireless community worker. In his playing days he was an exceptional athlete and he carried that fire with him to projects in which he was involved. He was an outstanding humanitarian and community leader. Allen succumbed to cancer in 1999, following a lengthy and courageous battle. Allen leaves behind an impressive legacy as a devoted son, brother, father and husband who had a keen sense of humor, love for hockey and for people 


Annual Awards

  • 6 athletes – one of whom must be in veteran category; 
  • 2 teams – may be veteran category;
  • 2 builders; 
  • Nova Scotia Sport Heritage nominees from current year.  

Athlete / Team Eligibility

  • chosen on the basis of ability, sportsmanship, character, and who had achieved extraordinary distinction in his/her sport(s), amateur or professional. 
  • not eligible until three (3) years have elapsed since, in the opinion of the selection committee, candidate has accomplished his/her major achievement in sport. 
  • A veteran is a person or team whose accomplishment(s) were 25 years ago. 

Builder Eligibility

  • An individual who has made a significant contribution toward the promotion, development, and advancement of sport in Cape Breton and may include officials, managers, trainers, coaches, 


  •  Born in Cape Breton OR
  • Resided in Cape Breton for a minimum of three (3) years at the time of the accomplishment for which he/she is being recognized.

NS Hall of Fame

  •  Any Cape Bretoner inducted into the Nova Scotia Sport Heritage Hall of Fame will automatically be inducted into the Cape Breton Sport Hall of Fame. 

Application Review

  • All nominations are automatically reviewed for a three year period.
  • After the three year period, nominations may be re-submitted for an additional three-year consideration.

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The Celtic Knot

Our Logo


The Celtic Knot, which has long stood for unity and strength, was devised in antiquity and has been adopted by Celts around the world for its unique symbolism. The knot has assumed a myriad of designs and interpretations over the ages, and its beauty and simplicity have led to its wide acceptance well beyond the Celtic cultural community. The central feature of the Celtic Knot is that the design has neither a beginning nor an end. There is no weakness – only the powerful symbolism of eternity. For this reason, we have chosen the Celtic Knot to serve as the symbol of the Cape Breton Sport Heritage Awards.

Sport has long been an important part of the fabric of island culture and has played a major role in defining our heritage. Athletics can be representative of all the very best qualities of men and women and can contribute significantly to the unity and development of our communities. We believe that these desirable traits of strength, unity and eternity, so well symbolized by the Celtic Knot, apply equally well to the nature and value of sport at its highest level. The Cape Breton Sport and Heritage Awards will acknowledge excellence in island athletics and the  Celtic Knot will symbolize this excellence.

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Cape Breton Sport Heritage Committee 

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Cape Breton Sport Hall of Fame